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About us


The current system is broken. Change is inevitable. During the last 20 years, Half of the largest companies in the world have closed doors.

The legacy rules are obsolete : businesses, governments and organisations need to shake up their DNA.

We believe that if we look for new diverse faces from all sectors, train them and help them find their professional way, a whole lot of new solutions will inevitably emerge from them. Ideas that will fix the world.
Based in Paris, Berlin and London, our team comes from diverse backgrounds within the fields of energy, media, technology, culture, government and politics.

We helped organisations change and adjust. We believe that talented people can make all the difference but we know that they need nurturing and guidance, not just jobs.

Our 9 commandments
01. Broaden horizons
02. Play by the rules questioning them
03. Take responsibility for the common good
04. Fuel creativity
05. Stand for values
06. Have high expectations for yourself & others
07. Surround yourself with inspiring people
08. Be curious, share ideas, feed collaboration
09. Take risks

Got talent ?

Get support to build a career
We work with leading mentors, coaches and advisors to help you reach your full potential.
Connect with our community
With a global network of carefully selected members, WBC will connect you with others driven by strong values and responsibility for the common good.
Tailor-made job offers
We connect you with global companies so you can help them solve their most complex challenges.

Need talents ?

Find the best match
We develop job positions together with you to inspire and suit the needs of highly ambitious talents – and keep them inspired.
Plug-in know-how & innovation
We provide a whole ecosystem of talents, agents and mentors that provide new insights for your business to solve tomorrow’s challenges.
Get access to future leaders
The world isn’t going to fix itself. WBC and our talents will do it it with you.
WeBuildChange Olivier Saby full
Senior civil servant, engaged in parallel in cultural and social projects, Olivier Saby created the WeBuildChange program to identify and support professional talents (with the exception of artistic talents) who move the lines and create change in their sector of activity with a strong prism on diversity and parity.